Egyptian Mau , the natural domestic

Egyptian Mau is the one and only natural spotted breed of domestic cat. Egyptian Mau's hair is very soft to touch and they have green eyes. It is an an extremely intelligent animal, the Mau is loyal to both his human and his family. Veryactive and happy cat. The Mau are in four colors; silver, bronze, smoke and black. Although the Mau was accepted for championship status by CFA in 1977 it is still a very rare breed. CFA recorded a total of 566 Egyptian Mau kittens born in 1996 worldwide, compared with over 6,000 Siamese and over 95,000 Persians.

In the
2004 movie Catwoman, the cat 'Midnight' who brought Patience Phillips back to life as Catwoman was played by three Egyptian Maus, as well as a computer-generated Mau. The movie says that the ancient Egyptian Mau breed has the ability to restore life through its connection with the Egyptian goddess Bastet. The maus where spotted as idols in egypt.
Even though the Mau, a shorthaired cat, will keep itself relatively clean, it will still benefit from regular grooming.

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