Dalmation n sweet dalmation puppies

The Dalmatian puppies are noted for its white coat with either black or liver spots. Although many other color variations do exist, any color markings other than black or liver are considered as a disqualification in purebred Dalmatians.The Dalmation is said to have had its origin in Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast. Certain evidences sugegst that the Dalmations originated in India and was transported to Greece by Indian Merchants of old times.One of the oldest breeds, the Dalmatians has remained relatively unchanged for centuries.

Dalmatians do not look like any other breed. The rounded spots of jet black or deep brown are unique to them. The Dalmation puppies are born all with with a pattern of spots developing in the first weeks of life. The Dalmatian is strong-bodied, clean-cut and distinctive. This breed is quiet, but with a bark very easily identifiable as play or purpose. They have a high protective instinct, able to defend and making an ideal guard dog.

Around 15% of Dalmatians are born deaf. While such a handicap disallows the dog from the show ring, the deaf dalmatians can be easily trained to hand signals.

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