Basic Bulldog grooming tips

Bulldogs are descended from ancient Asian Mastiffs, the English Bulldog was developed in Great Britain by crossing the pugs with bulldog descendants of the Mastiffs. The result was a small dog which was wide and compact with a very large head that has an intimidating look with a lot of folds in the skin.The look made it different.They are very well suited for apartment living.

Do you know that your Bulldog should be thoroughly brushed at a minimum of three times a week? Bulldogs love to be brushed. Use one with soft bristle or rubber brush. Begin at the rear and brush against the hair. When you've brushed the entire dog against the grain, brush it with the grain. Follow this with a good rub down. This will keep hair shiny and skin healthy. During the time of shedding, spring and fall, you may need to brush more often, give more frequent rubdowns. The technique is to remove the dead hair and distribute the natural oils.These things make bulldog grooming an art.

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