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Have you ever seen a device or a program designed to correct a dog behavior problem that explained how smart dogs are and how they think? Most plans or gadgets enable owners, literally, to declare war on their hapless pets. Little or no concern is afforded to what the dogs happen to think about them. In fact, the implication is that dogs don't think at all ... either they just react to external stimuli like robots , or respond according to genetically controlled "drives." Dogs are rarely credited with the ability to solve a problem mentally; to analyze a situation; imagine ways to manipulate or control it, then take a pre-planned course of action toward a goal that was preconceived in the dog's mind. In short, the dog is considered a real dummy, then treated like a dummy. But this concept is not correct. Dogs are smart. They can, and usually do, think rings around their owners. And they can do it because most owners have never learned how to think like a dog.

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Caring for a puppy requires knowing how to take care of his coat, skin, and nails. Tips on these topics are offered here.
Grooming can start right away with the new puppy. Many owners think that it is a mistake to bathe or brush dogs under six months of age. They worry that bathing will dry out the coat or that brushing may be too rough on a puppy at this age. The opposite is actually true. Many puppies will come from the breeders or humane society with a dirty or smelly coat. These dogs need to be bathed and it will do no harm. There are numerous shampoos on the market designed to be gentle on a puppy’s skin and hair coat plus most of these will not burn or irritate the eyes. Whenever a puppy gets dirty, it is okay to bathe him.

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Dogs are one of the most popular pets - they are intelligent and great fun. If you want a dog then you should know:
* dogs like to be with other people or dogs - they do not like to be alone for long
* dogs need a garden to play in, and you need to
take your dog for a walk every day
* you need to brush your dog's fur often - and you also need to look after its teeth!
* you should never leave a dog in a car in warm or hot weather

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