Poodle - the cutest dog

The Poodle is a toy, miniature, and standard breed of dog. Poodles are generally distinguished by adult shoulder height. The Poodles most outstanding characteristics are its intelligence and Sense of humor.

In history, the original Poodles were water dogs used for retrieving. The retriever or gundog character is still visible in them.

Breeding a poodle is not an easy task. But prospective owners of Poodles are equipped and provide a fenced-in area to the pups in which the Poodle can exercise or be prepared to walk the Poodle regularly on a leash. The never consider it as a huge task

A reputable Poodle breeder tries to produce the ideal Poodle as described in the Standard of the Poodle. So it is the best to buy a poodle from a good breeder.


Ryan said...

ummm...two of those dogs are not poodles.

David said...

Poodles don't need to have "the poodle cut" to be considered a poodle. Those two are poodles even though one has a bichon cut and the other is a toy size.

Miley said...

Yes, I love Poodles!
I am a Cavoodle, which is cross with a Poodle (I'm Toy Poodle) and a Cavalier.

Come and see my blog at


Love Miley xxx

doron said...





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Chance1826 said...

No Dave, that is not a Poodle. I know Bichon Frise's very well and they are genetically the dogs that wave and are able to stand on their hind legs and look like that. I am sorry, but two of these are not poodles, they are in fact, BICHON FRISE'S!!

Chance1826 said...

LMAO. That is most certainly a Bichon Frise. Sorry, but someone posted an inaccurate picture of a Bicon Frise on a Poodle page and NEVER has a poodle looked like that. Dave and Miley, you are both far off on this assumption. We deal with many of the most significant breeders of Bichon Frise's and that is what the white dog standing on his hind legs is in fact. They have very distinct differences in the paws, the coat, and they face.

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