Labrador Retriever, the hunting dog

The Labrador Retriever, is one of several kinds of retriever dogs , a type of gun dog. It is also called Labby or Lab for short. It is widely used for hunting purposes. There are two types of Labradors, the English
and the American Labrador. Records and suveys show that Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in world counting by registered ownership.

Labs are highly affable, gentle, exceptionally intelligent, energetic and good natured, making them both excellent companion and working dogs. They have an excellent, reliable, temperament and are friendly
with children and equable with other dogs. They need human attention. Unsocialized dogs are reserved with strangers. This wonderful hunting breed comes in three colors - yellow, black and chocolate.

The Labrador breed was actually developed in Newfoundland. From there he moved to
England, probably with fishermen who worked the rich fisheries off the coast
of the eastern Canadian provinces. There, in order to avoid confusion with the
larger, heavy-coated Newfoundland dog, there he was called the Labrador. The original
Labrador Retriever was a versatile working dog, able to rescue drifting nets,
bring back shot waterfowl, and haul the catch to market in jog carts. Once in
England, however, his marvelous nose brought him fame as a hunting dog, a job
he relishes today.

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